Debunking The Myths About Gas Mask Bongs

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Will you own a gas mask bong? Do you want to get one? You’re losing out should you don’t have one particular! These extraordinary cigarette smoking gizmos provide a smoking experience contrary to every other. There are actually, even so, some misguided beliefs about them that ought to be debunked. In this blog article, we’ll deal with the most notable 5 gas mask bong myths and set a conclusion to them once and for all.

Belief #01: water pipe Are Merely For Die hard Cigarette smokers

This may not be accurate! Gas mask bongs could be liked by smokers of most degrees, from first-timers to experts.

Fantasy #02: Gas Mask Bongs Take Time And Effort To Utilize

Once again, this can be fake! Gas mask bongs are actually very easy to use. To put it simply the gasoline face mask on, connect the bong for the petrol mask, and light-weight up!

Misconception #03: Gas Mask Bongs Are Harmful

This myth is probably perpetuated because petrol face masks are typically connected with dangerous resources. Nevertheless, gas mask bongs are perfectly safe for use so long as you follow the instructions.

Fantasy #04: Gas Mask Bongs Gives You An Unsatisfactory Trip

Gas mask bongs will never supply you with a terrible trip. For those who have a bad trip while using the a gas mask bong, it is likely mainly because that you are currently using other prescription drugs in addition to smoking cannabis.

Myth #05: Gas Mask Bongs Are Expensive

Gas mask bongs may range in price, but there are numerous inexpensive available options. You don’t ought to devote a lot of money to experience this unique smoking cigarettes experience!


So there you might have it! The top five common myths about gas mask bongs debunked. Now you be aware of real truth get out there and consider 1 yourself! You won’t be frustrated.

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